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Jordan Walker
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
this is me... as of today.

Current Residence: Providence RI.
Favourite style of art: Conceptual, realistic with slight stylization
Operating System: The Human Brain
Shell of choice: that of an arthropod
Wallpaper of choice: the sort that covers walls

Personal Quote: When in Doubt, Draw a Fish!

Videos And 'Tutorials':…




A Journey Accross The Sea Of Sage by zypherax
A Journey Accross The Sea Of Sage
The Ya'Kachiri of the southern plains want little from the lands of chalk, but have much to gain from the lands of sun. They follow the patterns of the seasons in their yearly migration from the Napsidian Cliffs on the southern tip of the continent to the edge of the Scorchedlands in the north, ensuring that the Joktu on which they ride have tender vegetation to graze upon. they rely on these Joktu for nearly their every need, using their fur to produce cloth, their horns and bone to create all manners of carved items, and their blood to distill a fine wine. they trade these and other things with the merchants of the Scorchedlands, and they exchange finely made cloth sails with the Napsidians for freshly caught fish and woven basketry.

17" x 23" oil on hardboard
A Pilgramige to the Summit of the Cashilima by zypherax
A Pilgramige to the Summit of the Cashilima
Some of the most prized commodities in all the lands of Sun and Chalk are to be found in the barren wastes of the Chalklands. These Chalklands lie to the west of the Scorchedlands, and are separated by a drop of several hundred feet. In this sunken crater of twisted rock and shifting sediment, life is sustained not by water, but by a substance flowing from the summit of the Cashilima; an edifice said to be the home of a beast of endless age and boundless knowledge. with the Cashilima at their center, the Chalklands spread ever outward, and every year it encroaches further upon the lands to the east. The substance that flows from the Cashilima - called 'Chalk' by those from the eastern lands - sustains a race of beings that do not age as they wander through these sculpted spires in search of their unusual prey. The chalk can imbue an easterner with unknowable knowledge and an unnaturally long life, but it takes flesh as a penance, and those who commune with it may live forever as nothing more than bone.

Oil on hardboard, 17" x 23"
A Stranger Outside The Hall of Forgotten Kings by zypherax
A Stranger Outside The Hall of Forgotten Kings
    The cities of the Bak'Touk  Peoples have stood for centuries in the unyielding deserts of the Scorchedlands, sustained by the life giving waters flowing deep withing the earth. Though their ancient foundations have crumbled, and the waters of the earth do not visit the surface as often as they once did, the cities still grow and prosper as centers of trade in every good imaginable. this prosperity is not always evident, however, and some districts of these sprawling cities are less fortunate than others. Amid the ruins of great rock cut monuments to forgotten kings, newer structures of less noble construction have arisen. the once proud kings are not the only forgotten denizens of these sparsely populated markets, and goods here seem to disappear without explanation more often than they are sold. it is curious that a Chalklander might venture here, so far from the sweet grains of the Cashilima, and far beyond any hope of easy return. as the vultures of the streets descend upon them, it is clear that their arrival in the city of Ceaseless Springs will be welcomed by all, in one way or another...

Oil on Hardboard, 18" x 24"
Strangers in this Town by zypherax
Strangers in this Town
sir, I am afraid that talking goat of yours is not endowed with the proper length of goatee  required to be permitted here... Yes, indeed, that is a very nice neck ruff, but regulations are regulations... No, I'm quite sure our regulations are not irregular in the slightest... Sir, it is simply irresponsible for you to bring an unregulated goat such as this into the sanctity of our town... What's that? It is not a goat at all? It is in fact a parsnip? why, alright then, carry on!
Passage by zypherax
It is written that those who who wish to lead their tribes across the seas of grass and sage must first partake in a voyage across the seas of sand and surf. For this, a ship is needed, a sturdy craft of substantial strength and girth. to find vessels such as these, one must venture into the Napsidian coast, where the descendants of the great oppressors weave sturdy ships with their dexterous appendages... such a venture is not easy however, for the Napsidians remember the past, and while gifts of wood and canvas may earn one their gratitude, nothing can earn their trust.
Hello everyone!

I have been very busy with school and such, and therefore have not found the time to upload anything here (you know, the same old story) , but hopefully I'll be sharing some new work soon!

I have recently had the honor of being selected to be a guest artist in the annual 'Damned' gallery show, in Detroit Michigan.

unfortunatly, I will be unable to attend the show, but if any of you are in the Michigan area, and would like to see some of my work, as well as the work of a bunch of other awesome people, I highly encourage you to go!

the first night of the show is tomorrow, October 24, and runs until Saturday, October 27. (sorry for the short notice!)

I will have the original painting of "Sacrifice"…, a large limited edition print of "The Procession Through the Threshold"…, and an original drawing not yet uploaded hanging on the walls for sale, as well as a number of small prints avaliable in the gallery store.

If you can make it, tell me how it goes!
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: A Trick of the Tail - Genisis
  • Reading: my mind
  • Watching: the refractions of light in a waterbottle
  • Playing: with many ideas
  • Eating: Acidic Fruit
  • Drinking: the blood of a bromealiad...

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