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A Pilgramige to the Summit of the Cashilima by zypherax A Pilgramige to the Summit of the Cashilima by zypherax
Some of the most prized commodities in all the lands of Sun and Chalk are to be found in the barren wastes of the Chalklands. These Chalklands lie to the west of the Scorchedlands, and are separated by a drop of several hundred feet. In this sunken crater of twisted rock and shifting sediment, life is sustained not by water, but by a substance flowing from the summit of the Cashilima; an edifice said to be the home of a beast of endless age and boundless knowledge. with the Cashilima at their center, the Chalklands spread ever outward, and every year it encroaches further upon the lands to the east. The substance that flows from the Cashilima - called 'Chalk' by those from the eastern lands - sustains a race of beings that do not age as they wander through these sculpted spires in search of their unusual prey. The chalk can imbue an easterner with unknowable knowledge and an unnaturally long life, but it takes flesh as a penance, and those who commune with it may live forever as nothing more than bone.

Oil on hardboard, 17" x 23"
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nightserpent Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015
Another great one!  Are these for a specific assignment, or is this more of a self-driven project?  Either way, I find them fascinating.  They remind me of historical recreation illustrations of older civilizations for magazines like National Geographic- yet with a more imaginative subject.  I think I got this impression because everything seems so well-considered.
zypherax Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
thank you! in a way, they were an assignment and a self driven project; they were part of a series of paintings I created for a RISD class titled 'Advanced Projects', in which each student carries out an in depth personal project or series of works that culminate in a fancy gallery show at the end of the semester. many of the artists I am finding myself to be most influenced by in recent years have done work for national geographic, and I would love to be able to work for them on some historical reconstructions or paleo art... I am fascinated with many aspects of ancient history, and I find that the fantasy I am most interested in viewing and creating has imagined histories as vivid and complex as those of our own world. I am really glad this shows through my work, thank you so much!
nightserpent Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015
Have we already discussed that we're both RISD alumni?  It sounds a bit like the senior degree/thesis project to me, I had a very loosely defined one with Judy-Sue (head of illus dept at the time).  I was once commissioned to do a number of dinosaur paintings for a science book, and I thought what I would produce could be a gateway into work with National Geographic.  So, I asked for twice the time per painting, which would have been about a month per painting, and they agreed.  However, they allowed the writer to effectively be an art director because they deferred to her dino knowledge.  The writer was so slow in her correspondence that my four months winnowed down to four days, leaving me a day to crank out each painting.  Sufficed to say I did not bother National Geographic with my speed paintings.
ARKON-GHOST Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
stunning art and world-building as always from you zypherax
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